Welcome Streetsboro Alumni & Community Members!

2014 Alumni Banquet

  • 2014 scholarship winner Kaitlyn Nuber with President Graeser
  • 2014 scholarship winner Allison Kocis with President Graeser
  • Bob Danner receiving Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Award.
  • 2014 Alumni Board: Debbie Wenzel, Ricki (Poole) Graeser, Ted Hurd, Michel Heroux

The Streetsboro Alumni Association provides an opportunity for fellowship of the Alumni of Streetsboro High School and maintains an awareness of community and school needs in Streetsboro.

Annual Meeting & Banquet:

On Saturday evening, June 28, 2014, about 50 alumni and guests gathered at the Defer Intermediate School cafeteria for the annual
Streetsboro Alumni Association Meeting and Banquet.

Association President Ricki Jo (Poole) Graeser, Class of 1968, congratulated the 2014 Streetsboro Alumni Association Scholarship recipients, Allison Kocis and Kaitlyn Nuber, and presented them with their awards. Ashley Scopilliti’s scholarship check was accepted by her grandmother Mona, Class of 1967. Class of 2014 members Nicolas Grimm and Austin Szemacs also received scholarships but were not present.

For the 2014-2015 school year Michel Heroux, Class of 1966, will
take on the position as president. Ted Hurd, Class of 1970, will
serve as vice president; immediate past president Ricki (Poole)
Graeser, Class of 1968, will serve as secretary; Debbie Wenzel,
Class of 1968, will serve as treasurer; Ed Szumski, Class of 1968 will
serve as the membership chairperson; and Steve Szumski, Class of
1969 will serve as program chairperson.

The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Award is awarded to former Streetsboro High School students whose lives are exemplary for both their career accomplishments and their contributions to the well being of others, community involvement, and volunteer experiences in the community. His community involvement begins back in the 1980s when Bob coached Portage North Pee-Wee football from 1984 to 1988. He coached Little League Baseball from 1986 to 1991. He also coached CYO basketball during that time. Bob and Pam Danner who founded and manage Streetsboro’s Community Chistmas. The service project, which donates Christmas presents to local families in need, has grown in support since 2003. He and Pam own and operate Woodside Lake Park.


The Streetsboro Alumni Association awards scholarships each year to a graduating senior of the Streetsboro High School. There are two (2) criteria for the award of this scholarship and both conditions must be met:

1. At least one parent or legal guardian has to be a lifetime member or a lifetime associate member of the Streetsboro Alumni Association.


2. The student applicant must graduate with his/her class.

The scholarship can be used for any purpose. One applicant will be selected at random for each scholarship.

We are the REAL Streetsboro Alumni Assoication

Many Streetsboro Graduates have joined "Streetsboro High School Alumni" Thinking they are joining the Streetsboro Alumni Assoc.. There is no connection between the two organizations. "Streesboro High School Alumni" is owned by Alumniclass.com Inc.(us). a nation wide organization.

Streetsboro Alumni Assoc.org is run by Streetsboro High School graduates who volunteer their time and All money raised by us is placed in an endowment fund to pay for scholarships for graduating seniors.
- Thank You for your support, Mike Mack

Read a copy of the Association's Bylaws.